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Sree shivani and company is chaird by young dynamic, well experienced in this field from his childhood and worked in the same field more than 30 years in the leading traders in the market he has excellent knowledge in the field and well versed about the product range. By name - MR.G.Dhanasekar.

Sree shivani and company is being deal with selling construction material such as steel from the year 2007 from our building with good godown facility backup we are selling 40 feet full length rods and bending the same and supply themin 20 feet length also.

Around 20 workers are working our concern by selling and buying to serve the customers better we have our own door delivery services from godown to customer place facilitated with vans, truck and trailors.


Sree shivani & company started is trading since 2007 we deal with all sizes of TMT, EQR, CRS, in all sizes of plates, Beam, channels, angels and flats We are the authorized district dealer for steel authority India we are specialist in selling all sizes of CRS materials with long span of experience in the steel business has led us to proceed excellent sales and services to our customers we are working round the clock to maintain excellent quality standards delivery schedules competitive prices and an excellent after sales services we have managed to curve out a unique identity for ourselves in CRS TMT bars.

Product Range

TMT (Techno Mechanical treated) High strength reinforcement bars. TMT bars CRS TMT bars EQR All Sizes of plate (sail make) Beams channels angels in all things (SAIL/VSP) and reputed rolling mells also

Plates in all sizes and all kinds of pipes All those things are as economic efficiencies dependable concrete, reinforcement suitable for all major reinforced concrete, constructions, such as buildings, bridges, reservoir’s, roads, irrigation, and power structures, dock and harbor structures foundations, piles precast concrete, etc… It has been used with most satisfactory results the word over in all major reinforced concert structures for decades and ton of million tonnes.

Advantages of TMT bars Created yield strength Creater bond strength Satisfactory fatigue strength Satisfactory breakability Satisfactory weldability Lesser crack.

Product Usage

Steel is the soul at the almost every industry today is life without it is unthinkable named the product there are cent percent chances of finest steel in combination with other elements or buy itself from the preventional pin to submarines And high speed jets steel us nowadays overtaken almost every aspect of life in the house hold sector steel us found a way in our kitchen modern gad gantries other items of utility understanding these facts we have given to priority the kind of row materials we process for the industries and there by dealing with superior quality from various industries.