Sree Shivani Company

Why TMT Bars is Best?

SAIL/VSP/and other TMT we deal are produced with Indian companies it conforms to all national and international standards The best combination & chemical and physical properties is the main characteristic TMT Strict quality control is maintained at each level is production

The TMT bars we deal & uniform strength elongation and enhanced ductivity that is for in excess of minimum limits specified in the standard is 1786 as per the is 1786 and practically used by designers bars require minimum yield strength FE 500 D/NMM2 however  the TMT bars deal posses  typical yield strength as high as FE 500 D N/MM2 Further as per standard is 1786 ductivity  as measured elongation is specified to be 14.5% which is tested to 17% in case of TMT we deal here the bars produced with international technology are much better than traditional old twisted bars. The longeivity of the buildings are very high and compared to the traditionally manufactured TMT bars sree shivani & company deals are there is CRS TMT bars southern India.

The TMT bars are produced with the Indian Based  companies is a fully integrated Section weight for angle structures Plant having annual capacity to 5,00,000 MTS the unit is located in the steel world of India. Stire for quality control state of art technology and commitment to produce the finest product has now been synonymous  to TMT Bond Strength bending and rebending welding strength corrosion resistance safe in earthquake fire resistance

Product Quality
Bond strength the  ribs of TMT  we deal have been  specially designed for excellent bond strength between bars and congrete the roll shashes the rib pattern automatically  during rolling process and hence uniform and perfect  pattern of rib. The TMT bond strength is 100 – 200% higher than that to traditional steel bar where as the specifications stipulate that bone strength should the 40% higher than mild steel plant bars.

Bending and rebending
The TMT sree shivani deals the TMT bars produced with latest technology to India are technologically designed so that the outer surface is tough and core is ductile the results in excellent bending capabilities the TMT rebar we deal can be sent around mandrels much. Smaller and easier than those specified in is 1786 this has obvious